Game concepts

In addition to developing our own games, we work with businesses to create custom promotional games.

We craft the actions and themes of the game to suit your promotional or training needs. Our game models work well for multiple uses:

  • Marketing
    • Custom branded promotional games
    • Customer thank-you and souvenir games.
  • Education
    • Historical simulations
    • Creative gameplay
  • Service Organizations
    • Misson-based branding
    • Civic-oriented game objectives
  • Training
    • Concept identification
    • Subject mastery

Check out Rhino Rescue for an in-progress example of games for corporate clients.

Our process

If you’d like to know more, get in touch with us today and we’ll start the process of making your game.

  • Initial concept interview
    • We discuss ideas with your team and propose game concepts
  • Card development
    • A list of gameplay aspects for review
  • Graphic design
    • Selection of colors, logos, and icons that match your brand
  • Print proofs
    • PDF mockups of the final design and content
  • Production and delivery
    • On-demand manufacturing