The white rhino is in danger of extinction. You have traveled to an unexplored jungle to help rescue one of the last survivors. Your team must explore the jungle and find a safe path for the rhino to follow to a wildlife sanctuary.

In Rhino Rescue, you play as one of many wilderness guides. You will swim mighty rivers, uncover traps, evade poachers, and find treasures. With limited resources, you must make the best decision to achieve your goals.

As you move through the jungle, you will mark a safe trail for the rhino to follow. Once the path is clear — or if you take too much time — the rhino will make a final run for safety.

Game board tiles are double sided. At the start, all tiles indicate green jungle, representing unexplored territory. The flip side of the tile represents its actual terrain. Some effects are positive, others negative.

Rhino Rescue is designed to foster discussion among groups and teams. It focuses on collaboration, empathy, and group problem solving. The game is used by Open Strategy Partners for corporate training.

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