Cornucopia is an expansion to Terraforming Mars that is compatible with the base game and all other expansions.

With the addition of Cornucopia, players may build and develop food production facilities on Mars. These food factories produce beneficial actions and effects that strengthen your corporation.

A hydroponicum card

Food Factories
The Hydroponicum is one of four types of food factories included in the expansion. Each factory type generates 4 of the 8 elements used in the expansion. By matching elements to those found on production modules, you can build your factory's production capacity. You gain actions for each module you connect to your central factory.

A sample production module

Production Modules
The Methane Cyclers card is an example of a production module that can be connected to the Hydroponicum. Since the Hydroponicum creates Nitrogen, it can add the Methane Cyclers module which requires Nitrogen or Oxygen. The production module works like a blue active project card in the main game. Here, you gain 2 megacredits whenever an animal tag is played by any player.

As you expand your factory, your modules can increase their production value by connecting to other modules. A connected module matches its elements on all possible sides of your 3x3 factory grid.

To learn more, download the rules and cards below.

Print and Play Files

The following print-and-play files are provided for personal use. For best results, use a color printer.

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